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Reservations, Deposits, and Cancellations

All rates are based on double occupancy
If you would like a single occupancy, please check respective trip page for rates.


A $500 deposit secures your trip. ALL deposits are non refundable. Please underestans, deposits are spent on hotel reservations, domestic flight bookings and securing guides


Full payment is due 60 days before the trip and there is a 10% surcharge on late payments.

ALL domestic trips are paid in full and none refundable


There will be no refunds on ANY deposits

Once the FULL payment have been made, there will be no refund withing 60 days before the trip (please obtain travel insurance!)

Itinerary changes

Once the trip stars, you cannot change/alter itinerary. If you leave the trip on your own recognizance, you will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Exception: If one gets sick in the mountains and must return to the nearest town due to health, that person will be covered and assisted.
That includes shuttles back to the hotel, airport, flight back to Kathmandu/Lima, lodges in the mountains and one night stay at nearest town: Moshi, Cuzco, Kathmandu, Mendoza.

All other costs incurred are your responsibility.

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