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Glacier Peak is the fourth-highest major volcano of Washington State, one of the 10,000 foot giants that dominate the Cascade Range north of the Columbia. But unlike Rainier, Adams, and Baker, the snowy cone of Glacier Peak is hidden in the heart of the range, far from cities and roads. It can be picked out on the eastern skyline from the Seattle area if you know exactly where to look, but outside of the hiking/climbing community few are aware of this major summit just a little lower than much-better-known Mount Baker.


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Arrive Day 0
Gear check, meeting guides and the group.
Those arriving on a flight or arriving by car for overnight in Seattle-please book your hotel near Seatac Airport

Glacier Peak Climb Day 1: Early departure from Seattle and drive to North Fork of Sauk River trailhead (2100'). Hike to White Pass for night (5904'), joining the Pacific Crest Trail near camp. We will hike through some of Washington's most spectacular forests of old growth Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. (8.5 miles, 3800' elevation gain, 6-7 hours) ,/p>

Glacier Peak Climb Day 2: Traverse on climbers trail above White River and Foam Creek. We eventually descend into Glacier Peak Meadows, traverse the White Chuck Glacier and ascend to the spectacular Glacier Gap Camp (7300') next to the Suiattle Glacier. We will go over safety, basic climbing techniques and rope handling (5.25 miles, 5 hours, 2350' ascent with 835' descent)

Glacier Peak Climb Day 3: Summit via the Gerdine and Cool Glaciers. The climb itself is very moderate and involves hiking on a faint climber's trail as well as climbing beautiful glaciers with a few crevasses to work our way through. After the climb we usually move our camp back to White Pass making the final day easier. (3.8 miles, 4-5 hours up, 2-3 hours down, 3475" of ascent and 300' of descent)

Glacier Peak Climb Day 4: Exit to trailhead. (8.5 miles, 3800 of descent, 5 hours)


Guided Glacier Peak Climb

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